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Air Conditioning Repair in Sarasota, FL

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In the sweltering heat of Florida, you can’t afford to be without your air conditioner for even a day. We’ve been repairing air conditioners in Sarasota, FL for more than 50 years. Trust the team at McDonald Home Services to fix your AC quickly and at a fair price.

  • We provide innovative solutions to everyday problems
  • We know you and your community the best
  • We treat our customers like family

From heat pumps to central AC, we service all brands of AC equipment and always perform targeted, successful repairs that’ll restore your home to a cool oasis of comfort.

Lowering the Temperature, Changing the Standards.


Sarasota, FL Central AC Repair

Central AC repair is quite common in Sarasota, FL. These systems are the most frequent and affordable systems in our area, so we’re often performing this type of service the most. At this point, we’re seasoned veterans of central air conditioner repairs, providing targeted fixes when abnormal sounds occur, fixing inefficiencies, and even patching refrigerant leaks while performing system recharges. We take care of all problems that could occur in a system like this.

Our commitment to the community starts at the technology we repair. Our technicians are highly skilled, intensively trained, and know all the ins and outs of a central AC unit from the capacitors to the coils. We’ll quickly and effectively diagnose the problem with your unit and fix it right afterwards. Call us today if you need help!

Ductless AC Repair

Is something wrong with your ductless heat pump system? Then it might be time to call our Sarasota, FL team of experts for ductless AC repairs. Here are a few reasons to call us:

  • The system won’t switch from heating to cooling mode.

  • One or more air handlers aren’t working properly.

  • It’s providing lukewarm air.

  • Your energy bills are too high.

  • Your system has completely broken down.

The truth is that ductless AC repair can be a quick and easy process when you have the right team on speed-dial. Our team is committed to our community, and we make sure to provide air conditioning repair services where homeowners need them, at an affordable price. Why not join our maintenance program so you can take advantage of our 10% discount as well!

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps cool the air by evaporating and condensing refrigerant in the same way that a central air conditioner does. The only big difference is that the flow of refrigerant can be reversed and your home can be heated during our mild winters. This additional process means that there could be some repair needs that crop up with the reversing valve, as well as other components that aren’t in a normal central air conditioner.

Thankfully, our experts in Sarasota, FL are proficient in the repair and maintenance of heat pumps. We take great pride in our heat pump repair services, and we promise that there’s no problem we won’t be able to solve! We provide fifty years of hard work and honesty in this field, and we’re not going anywhere.

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