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Does a Refrigerant Leak Lead to Replacement?

This is a tricky question. On one hand, a simple refrigerant leak will be easy enough for a professional to patch and recharge. Especially when you’re dealing with highly skilled and well-trained pros, you can get any solution at a price. Today, we’d like to talk about when your refrigerant leak might lead to a quick repair, and when it might be a sign that you need to replace your air conditioning system.

It’s important to look at metrics like cost over time, because that’s going to be the largest impact on your life and budget. A quick fix might be cheaper than a replacement, but if your AC springs a refrigerant leak six months after the last one was plugged, you’ll be wishing you invested in a new air conditioning installation system.

Let’s plan accordingly for the future and discuss refrigerant leaks!

Why Do Refrigerant Leaks Occur?

Your air conditioner keeps refrigerant at a high pressure. This pressurized refrigerant cycles through the system, evaporating and condensing at different levels so that it can move heat from one place to another. This is the core of how your air conditioner functions and it’s why we put so much emphasis on getting problems like these addressed. Without the proper amount of refrigerant in your air conditioner, you could see a huge decline in efficacy coming from your system.

Sometimes, depending on the location of your refrigerant lines, a leak can occur through weathering, pests, and other issues. Refrigerant will start leaking from the hole in the line and your air conditioner will start to wane in its ability to cool your home.

Should You Repair Your AC?

Normally, you’d start with a call to our team for repairs. Patching refrigerant leaks is a pretty common call we get, so you shouldn’t think this is out of the ordinary. We can easily fix your problem and get your air conditioner recharged with the right amount of refrigerant so that it will properly cool your home.

Repairs will always be cheaper than replacement, but we want you to consider the costs of the future depending on a few factors. The age, condition, and comfort levels of your cooling system could dictate whether repairs are the right choice. Don’t assume that just because an air conditioner costs less to repair than it would be to replace, doesn’t mean that repairs are the smartest choice!

You Might Want to Consider Replacement

It’s a good idea to ask your preferred AC professional about whether or not repairs or replacement will be a more cost-effective solution when you’re encountering a refrigerant leak. Sometimes when an air conditioner reaches a certain age, it will be more prone to problems like refrigerant leaks.

Take note that if you’ve encountered other refrigerant leaks in the past, then replacement might be a great permanent solution to your problem. Or, if your air conditioner isn’t providing your home with the quality temperature control that you were promised, then getting your air conditioner replaced might solve that problem.

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