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How Long Does AC Installation Truly Take?

You know you need a new air conditioner, and you’re trying to plan ahead as much as possible. But there’s one thing that just doesn’t seem to have a straightforward answer–how long does it actually take to install your air conditioner from start to finish?

If you’re replacing a central AC with another central AC, you can expect four to eight hours in total. But of course, there’s a lot of nuance to AC installation in Bradenton, FL, so there’s a chance that the answer you’re looking for isn’t nearly as linear. Let’s discuss why.

You’ll Have a Clearer Time Estimate After a Pre-Installation Appointment

The pre-installation appointment sounds like an odd step, but it’s necessary. It helps us figure out specific details about your home and what your installation will require, such as:

  • Sizing Your New AC: Your aIr conditioner has to be sized for your home’s living space, otherwise you run the risk of having an overpowered air conditioner that wastes energy, or an underpowered AC that can’t keep up.
  • Duct Issues: If your existing ductwork has any problems that need to be addressed before we install the new unit, this would be the time to find them.
  • New Fixtures: If you’re moving from a central AC to a series of ductless air conditioner heads, then the process is a bit different.

Times Vary if You’re Upgrading to a New AC Type

To touch on that last point in our list, if you plan on making a massive change in how you cool your home, it’s going to impact the total time it takes to install your air conditioner. For instance, making the jump from an air conditioner to a heat pump? It’s not a wild leap.

But going from central AC to ductless mini splits? That’s a bit of a process. While mini splits aren’t too difficult to install, your home isn’t already fit to house them, so it’s a different process.

How to Know if It’ll Take Longer Than Expected

For one, if you’re changing to a new air conditioner type, that will extend the usual four to eight-hour time window for a new AC installation. Other factors that may extend the expected timeframe are whether the insulation around the ductwork is still good, if there are issues with the pad outside where the air conditioner cabinet sits, and others of this nature.

Some problems can’t be found until installation day when we remove the old air conditioner, although the point of a pre-installation appointment is to find as many as possible ahead of time. Depending on what issues are found, this can extend your installation timeframe by a day or more.

Let’s Expedite That AC Installation

From the pre-installation appointment to the moment we leave you with your new air conditioner, we’re there to help you every single step of the way. We’ll get our technicians scheduled as soon as possible so you can know when installation day finally rolls around.

Contact us today to schedule your AC installation as soon as possible.

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