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How to Budget Your Next AC Installation Ahead of Time


Your AC is integral to everyday life, but it’s expensive. Especially when you have to replace the entire thing. We know that can be a stressful situation, so today we wanted to focus on helping you budget your next installation before the need arises.

AC installation in Sarasota, FL prices vary depending on a fair few factors, so let’s talk about everything you need to know before you set your budget. This preparation could save you thousands in the long run.

Use the Envelope Method

Find an amount in your budget that you can reasonably stow away without the need to dig into it again. New AC installation isn’t cheap, so the more you can put away each check now, the less you’ll have to make up for later.

By putting cash away in an envelope, you can prepare for the inevitable installation bill and combine it with financing options to make sure you get your air conditioner installed without worry. 

Research Your Options Ahead of Time

You just want a new AC installed already, so when there’s a time crunch involved and you’re met with all these different options, you might not choose the right air conditioner for your budget.

Before you’re met with the need to install a new AC or replace an old one, take the time to research which unit makes the most sense for you and your family. If you need the help of an experienced technician to figure out which unit is best for you, we’re just a phone call away.

Get Quotes From Multiple Companies

When you call for a quote, contractors will work everything they can into the price to give you the most accurate price possible. A quote isn’t definitive, because it relies on a pre-installation appointment to inspect the property and check the ductwork, accessibility, electrical panel, etc., but it’s a great place to start.

This can help you figure out which local companies charge the most and work out your budget accordingly. Remember: cheaper doesn’t always mean better, and the assurance you get with a higher priced quote has its own benefits, but do your due diligence and find out which contractors work best for you.

Take Full Advantage of Tax Credits and Rebate Programs

Rebate programs tend to run for quite a while. Look at the recent Inflation Reduction Act in 2022 that extends, in most instances, through 2029. Find out how you can work available rebates and tax incentives into your next installation plan. They could end up saving you more than you expect.

Always Get Ahead of the Curve

Budgeting ahead of time is a lifesaver. You can plan out your next installation or replacement before the need for it creeps up on you. While there’s never a right time to drop money on a new installation (because it would be nice to hold onto that cash instead), the preparation will save you money in the long run and a lot of stress.

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