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How to Know it’s Time for a new Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner has lasted you through just about everything you can imagine, but it has a shelf life on it. And when that runs its course, you need to have it replaced. But how can you really tell that it’s time to replace that old AC anyway?

We’ve handled lots of AC replacement in Sarasota, FL, so we know what it looks like when your current air conditioner is close to breaking down for the last time. If you’re concerned about your air conditioner being at the end of the line, this is what you need to know.

It Keeps Breaking Down

If you’re facing constant breakdowns, which would be one per year or more, then it’s a sign that your AC just isn’t holding on anymore. Over time, a certain level of wear and tear damage hits your air conditioner that can’t be undone with a maintenance visit or a simple repair. You need to explore the possibility of your air conditioner being on its last leg at this point, especially if these breakdowns occur around the 10-15 year mark.

Your Power Bills Are Spiking

Before you jump to conclusions on this one, take a look at your energy rates and make sure they haven’t gone up. Think about your habits and how often you’re home, maybe you’ve had someone move in and they’re using more power. If you can account for everything being relatively the same way that it’s been for months, and your rates haven’t gone up, it’s likely the AC pulling more power.

This happens as it gets older and needs more runtime just to cool your home. A usual cycle is around 10-20 minutes, but those cycles could be running 2-3 minutes over that just because it’s struggling a bit. That adds up, and your AC will end up running for a few extra hours per week as a result. That matters when your bill comes around.

Poor Performance Record

If your AC has has a hard time keeping up, it could be because you’re watching wear and tear play out in real time. Even if it hasn’t led to a lot of repairs, if you know that it’s struggling to reach non-extreme temperatures in your home, and it’s not combating record-breaking heat waves, that’s a pretty good indicator that something is wrong.

That performance only gets worse over time. This is usually the result of not getting proper maintenance, or spacing out your tune-ups too far apart. This could be the end for your AC in its current state.

Let’s Help You With That New AC

Your air conditioner is about to break down, and another repair could be not only costly, but not buy it enough time to justify that price tag. It’s time to talk about installing a brand new air conditioner, and we can help you with that through installation and financing. It’s time to make the change today.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner replacement as soon as possible.

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