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Noisy Nuisances: Sounds Your AC Might Be Making

Ah, one of the oldest AC tricks in the book. Systems that make a noise during the middle of the night, or on a hot day, are often trying to tell you something. Whether you’re ready to listen to your air conditioner or ignore it is another matter entirely.

As your local, neighborhood HVAC professionals, we’re here to talk about some of those noises you might hear your AC make. No, we’re not talking about the sound of air coming from your vents, or the gentle click of the system turning on. We’re talking about abnormal noises that signal something is “off.” If you ignore these types of noises, you’re bound to need expensive AC repair in Sarasota, FL sometime in the near future.

So, keep reading and make sure you pay attention to what your air conditioner is trying to tell you!

Pay Close Attention

The question you should be asking yourself is this—what is your air conditioner trying to tell you? Is it making noises that signal a part is loose somewhere inside? Or perhaps it’s trying to tell you that it needs the air filter changed? Regardless of what the problem is, you’ll gain a lot of information just by listening!


Rattling is one of the more obvious clues that your air conditioner could be trying to give you. Rattling occurs in your system similarly to when it occurs in something else. When a small part comes loose, like a screw or a bolt, it can often get jostled around inside the interior of your air conditioner. When this happens, it makes a rattling noise that can be pretty hard to miss.

Make sure you contact a professional for repairs when you hear this noise. A rattling noise can start out as something rather benign, but it will eventually compound into a much worse problem as that loose part bumps into other, more sensitive components.


Buzzing signifies that there’s an electrical issue at play. Take for instance a broken toy or computer that’s plugged into the wall but not working. This type of machine can often buzz as some of the electrical components try to work, but the system as a whole just won’t do what it’s supposed to.

This is similar to your air conditioner. An AC that’s buzzing is trying to work, but there’s an electrical problem that’s keeping it from doing its job. Call us to have this sorted out.


When something larger falls out of line or stops working in its correct place, like a blower motor, then the system will make a banging noise. This can be a lot more urgent to fix than a rattling sound. Don’t ignore this one, we promise it’s worth getting addressed as soon as possible.

Hissing or Bubbling

Hissing or bubbling signifies a leak of refrigerant from the system. Since refrigerant exists both as a gas and a liquid, the difference between hearing a hissing noise or a bubbling noise depends on what state the refrigerant is in where the leak takes place. Regardless of where the leak is, your AC should never be leaking refrigerant, and this problem should always be addressed quickly.

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