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Tips for Summer AC Maintenance

If you are looking for ways to keep your air conditioner well-maintained over the summer season, we have some tips to help with just that. After all, summer AC maintenance in Sarasota can help boost energy efficiency and extend the expected lifespan of your unit.

You can keep reading to learn about our recommendations for regular air conditioning maintenance, especially for the hot summer season. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call and we would be glad to offer guidance. 

Choose a Great Air Filter

Your first step is to select the best air filter for your AC unit. All air filters come with a MERV rating that estimates how well they remove particles from the air. We usually recommend that you look for an air filter that has a MERV rating in the range of 8 to 13. 

Lower-rated air filters may not capture enough particles, leading to more dust and dirt being inside your HVAC system. Air filters with a significantly higher rating may have dense fibers that block airflow into the system. Your air conditioner only has so much power to bring air into the system. A filter that is too strong can put a strain on your unit and lead to excessive wear and tear.

Rinse the Condensate Drain Line

Each month you should pour half a cup of vinegar into the condensate drain line of your air conditioner. This is important because the condensate drain line is very small and prone to clogs thanks to dust getting into the lines and mold beginning to grow. 

Vinegar helps to eliminate both of these problems by rinsing away dust particles and destroying mold so that it doesn’t have a chance to spread within the line and cause clogs. When you don’t rinse the condensate drain line out with vinegar, water can back up and spill into your house, ultimately causing water damage and higher humidity levels. 

Check on the Outdoor Unit

Once each month you also need to inspect the outdoor portion of your air conditioner. Just taking a quick look at it up close can help you identify any obvious problems. We don’t expect you to get inside of the unit and take a detailed look at everything. 

Instead, look for damage to the fins and pay attention to any unusual sound that the unit makes during a cooling cycle. If the unit looks particularly dirty, you can use your water hose on low pressure to rinse it off and eliminate dirt. It’s also a good idea to remove any leaves and twigs that get stuck in the unit.

Invest in Insulation

If your home doesn’t already have enough insulation, it’s a good idea to invest in more to help cool air stay in instead of escaping outside. The more you can do to keep cool air inside, the more effective your air conditioner will be in cooling. We also encourage you to check windows and doors for any gaps that are allowing cool air to escape and fix them so that your home is airtight.

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