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What’s Wrong with Your Compressor?

The weather is a little different down here in Florida. Everyone else all over the country is busy gearing their heating system up for a rough winter, and we’re still encountering air conditioner problems that could be obnoxious for the future. Many hot days are still yet to come for us, so it’s vital that your air conditioner works as it should.

When was the last time you thought about your system’s compressor? A few months ago? Never? Do you not even know what the compressor is? That’s really no problem for us.

As your experts in air conditioning repair in Venice, FL, we’re here to talk about your system’s compressor. We’ll talk about what it does and detail some common issues that usually plague this component. Does that sound good?

Keep reading and remember to call us if you encounter compressor problems.

What Is a Compressor?

Welcome back to high school chemistry class! Today we’re going to be talking about refrigerant and how it relates to cooling temperatures in your home. This process can’t be done without the help of your compressor.

You see, the refrigerant in your air conditioner needs to be kept at different pressures. When refrigerant is pressurized, it turns into a gas through evaporation and draws in heat from your home. Then the refrigerant is cycled through the system to the outdoor cabinet where it condenses, decompresses, and releases the heat outside. Basically, the refrigerant is a mode of transportation that grabs the heat from inside your home and takes it outside. This is done through pressurization from your compressor.

Common Compressor Problems

Since compressors have to work especially hard to deal with your home’s temperature, they can run into some pretty bad problems. For starters, any leak in your refrigerant line can offset the pressure that your system is supposed to be kept at, leading to decreased comfort or poor efficiency. Take a look below to see what other issues your compressor can run into.

  • Not enough refrigerant. As we mentioned briefly above, refrigerant leaks can make your compressor run harder and have problems keeping things at the right pressurization. This will ultimately shorten the lifespan of your system unless you get your refrigerant leak patched and the refrigerant itself recharged.
  • Dirty coils. How is the refrigerant supposed to condense or evaporate if the coils in your compressor are dirty? Change out the air filter of your system every 1-3 months and make sure you have the system maintained to extend the lifespan as long as possible.
  • Electrical issues. Your compressor requires a lot of electricity to function. With improper electrical output, or a faulty electrical system, your compressor could be in trouble.
  • Age. Age takes its toll on your compressor more than other components in your system. It works the hardest and must keep things pressurized for years on end. Eventually, your compressor will fail and your system will need to be replaced.

Do you need a compressor replacement or a whole AC system upgrade? Unfortunately, that isn’t a question we can reasonably answer without talking to you and looking at your system specifically.

Contact the team at Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. for comprehensive compressor care. Cooling Sarasota and Manatee Counties since 1970.

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