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Where Does DIY AC Repair Go Wrong?

There’s a little bit of a tug-of-war game going on between handy DIY-ers and professional HVAC technicians. They both attempt to do the same thing, and they’ll spend a lot of time telling homeowners how much better off they’d be of they chose one option over the other. It can be enough to drown out any conversation at a barbeque or a block party. We totally understand, this kind of topic can easily get lost in the shuffle.

However, we’re never going to be that kind of HVAC team. We don’t tell homeowners not to work on their homes, it’s their house so they should do what they want to. We love hearing about new projects, new exciting property potentials, and even our neighbors and friends learning new skills. DIY is always a good thing, until you run into problems that were foreseeable.

This blog post is about why DIY AC repair in Sarasota, FL may not be a good idea, even if DIY repairs are good in general.

DIY Isn’t Inherently Bad

Look, working on your home is an ethic that we should all aspire to have. Not all of us can afford to pay for professional remodeling, cleaning, and all the things that we wish we could. That’s why it’s important to take time out of every week, month, or year to attend to your home’s needs and try to fix things.

Fixing things yourself is what people used to do in the old days, and even if it doesn’t work as well as paying a pro, it can build character and make you feel good about your home. The more time you spend on your home, the more proud of it you’ll be!

In trying to stay positive, here are some great projects that we encourage homeowners to take on.

  • Keep things clean and safe. Cleaning is always something that can be done by a homeowner, and nobody knows your home like you do. You’re honestly the best one suited to clean it!
  • Try building shelves and repairing furniture yourself. Shelves and small woodworking or reupholstering projects are perfect for DIYers. We can even give you a few extra tips!
  • Plant a garden. Gardens make your home pretty, fun, and they even provide a huge amount of vegetables to cook with.
  • Paint your furniture and stain wood. Take out some colors and start painting things! You can even stain some wood furniture you have so that it gets a protective layer and looks even better.

DIY Projects You Should Stay Away From

Now, in order to be upfront and honest, we need to talk about the DIY work that homeowners should defer to experts on.

  • HVAC work. HVAC systems are complex and sometimes dangerous to work with. Always call a licensed and insured HVAC provider for your AC repairs so you don’t spring a refrigerant leak or cause problems with your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Electrical work. Electricians are always necessary because you can seriously hurt yourself when trying to install a lighting system or electrical appliance.
  • Installing a brand-new appliance. New appliances, like a dishwasher or an air conditioning system, are expensive. Trying to install it yourself could mean ruining the system and wasting all that hard-earned money.

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