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How Drain Cleaning Prevents Catastrophic Problems Down the Line

Cleaning out your drains isn’t just a good idea–it’s imperative to your plumbing system’s health and longevity. You might be thinking that a dirty pipe couldn’t possibly cause problems, but that’s not the case.

We perform drain cleaning in Sarasota, FL for homeowners who understand its importance at preventing the exact problems we’re going to talk about today.

Drain Cleaning Prevents Clogs

Clogs aren’t black and white. Just because you run some hot water down the drain and the clog movies doesn’t mean it’s gone or the problem is resolved. Clogs can get stuck in wider areas of your drains and latch on to other debris as it travels down the drain. It’s like that clog builds up compound interest.

Your drains can get so clogged that they completely prevent the passing of waste, and even water. This doesn’t just impact your one drain; it can impact other drains as well and have larger implications on your plumbing system as a whole. With clean drains, clogs are properly removed, and your drains are clean so new debris has a much harder time sticking in the first place.

It Also Prevents Most Sewer Backups

Dirty drains aren’t the only reason you can encounter sewage backup, but it’s a big proponent. When your drains have been professionally cleaned–and by that we mean liquid plumbing solutions don’t count–most debris will pass through as waste and go straight into the sewers.

While you might be able to scrape the inside of your bathroom sink drain and fix a problem there, it’s not the same thing with your sewer line. That pipe exists at the exit point of your home’s plumbing system before it enters the city sewage system. If that line is clogged, and you try to put anything down the drain, pressure builds and sewage backs up.

Soap scum, hair, debris, objects, and just about anything else that isn’t supposed to be clinging to the inside of your drain pipes, can all cause sewer backups. It’s not something you ever want to encounter, and it is mostly preventable. Objects getting lodged in your drain, such as car keys, children’s toys, etc., aren’t really impacted by your drain pipe’s cleanliness.

It Can Stop Basic Corrosion and Pipe Leaks

When debris, soap, and chemicals cling to the inside of your pipe, it harbors moisture. Then that moisture is oxidized by nearby oxygen, and the metal of your pipes can begin to corrode. Clean drains have as little stuck-on residue as possible, effectively reducing the speed at which this happens.

While drain cleaning isn’t a 100% guarantee against pipe corrosion, because nobody can promise that, it can greatly extend the life of your pipes and keep problems at bay.

Let’s Clean Those Drains Today

It’s time to get your drains cleaned. Now that you know just how powerful drain cleaning is, there’s no reason to wait. We’ll get your drains sorted before you know it so you can avoid these messy problems from popping up as much as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning as soon as possible.

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