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5 Ways to Extend Your Heat Pump Lifespan


Heat pumps are energy-efficiency powerhouses, but they’re not without the need for maintenance and repairs. You want your heat pump to last for as long as possible, which is exactly what we’re going to teach you to do.

If you’re about to get heat pump replacement in Sarasota, FL, you need to start this new heat pump’s life off with quality maintenance, and these simple tips to help keep it alive for longer.

Never Skip Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance serves as a point of full inspection for your unit. A technician inspects each component of your heat pump, cleans your unit, and lubricates parts to support smooth and easy operation, among other things.

Change the Filter Regularly

Changing your air filters ensure that your heat pump doesn’t have to work harder than normal. Airflow is important to your heat pump’s functionality, and dirty filters get in the way.

You should change your filter once every 30-60 days depending on how much you use your heat pump and how much dust accumulates in the filter during a 30-day period. When you combine your heat pump with a ceiling fan, which we’ll talk about in a minute, you can likely reduce the number of filters you have to replace in a single year.

Install a Ceiling Fan to Offload Some Work

Ceiling fans can reduce the temperature in your home more than people really give them credit for. Turning on a ceiling fan to circulate the air in your home cools it down, requiring your heat pump to work less often.

Use a Smart Thermostat to Reduce Wear and Tear

Smart thermostats don’t require you to set them every time you want the temperature to change. In fact, with a little bit of input, they can learn your preferred heating and cooling habits and set those temps for you.

The goal of a smart thermostat is to maximize efficiency. The thermostat keeps your home at a certain temperature that’s within one degree of your preferred range so you don’t have to.

Maintain Exterior Unit, Too

The exterior section of your heat pump needs some TLC, too. You can clean the external part of your heat pump by clearing debris, wiping away dust, and anything else that may be trying to get in the way.

This prevents airflow restrictions from interfering with the standard operation, keeping your heat pump from over-straining itself when it doesn’t have to. This part can be easily ignored because you don’t often think about the exterior part of your heat pump, but try to clear debris about once a month for optimal results.

Long Live Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump is designed to last for decades with proper care and use, all while you save an average of 50% compared to traditional heating and cooling costs for traditional machines. Stay up to date on maintenance, repairs, and be mindful of how you use your heat pump to extend its life for as long as possible.

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