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What’s Wrong with My Heat Pump?

Uh oh, it’s time to switch your system from cooling mode to heating mode while we deal with a cold spell, but something went wrong. The switch seems to be stuck or unresponsive and your system is jettisoning cold air into your house when you need to warm up! What the heck is going on?

Don’t worry, this is a fairly common occurrence. Heat pumps aren’t without their own specific problems, and this is one that can baffle homeowner or drive them to believe that their heat pump is ruined. If this is the issue, then it’s probably not ruined. Heat pumps in Sarasota, FL sometimes need expert repairs just like any gas furnace or ductless system, and our team can be the one that provides it.

While you’re waiting for our help, why not see the details below about why your system is treating you so poorly?

When It’s a Thermostat Problem

Quick, before you do anything, make sure you check your thermostat. Sometimes these kinds of problems (switching from cooling mode to heating mode) can be relegated to a problem with the thermostat. After all, the thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system and dictates the temperatures that your home should feel.

You might notice that your thermostat is still set to cooling mode. When this setting is on, your heat pump won’t be able to heat your home regardless of what you do. Your thermostat and heat pump need to be working together on the same page if you’re going to stay comfortable this year. We can upgrade your thermostat if you’ve constantly had trouble with it, but we can also look at your heat pump to make sure it’s not having any additional problems.

The Reversing Valve

So you’ve figured out that it’s not a problem with the thermostat. Great! This just means you’re probably dealing with a stuck reversing valve. The reversing valve is the component in your heat pump that’s responsible for actually changing the direction that your system’s refrigerant flows in. Basically, it’s what turns the cooling mode off and the heating mode on.

Your reversing valve is what differentiates your heat pump from a regular air conditioner. It’s vital to the system, and it’s used quite heavily throughout the lifespan of the system, so it often runs into issues due to wear and tear.

Sometimes this valve can get stuck, which causes your reversing switch not to trigger. Don’t worry, this is a relatively simple fix that any trained professional can complete. All that needs to be done is for this component to be replaced by a new one, and your heat pump should work just fine. Just make sure it’s a licensed professional who makes this repair, so your heat pump’s warranty stays intact!

Something Else

There are other problems that could be causing your reversing valve to break down. This is why it’s so important to call for professional help. You won’t be able to get to the bottom of what’s going on until a pro is able to thoroughly look through the system to ensure it’s working properly. Don’t neglect such a valuable type of heating system, call for our help today.

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