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Are Your Ducts Sweating?

Air conditioning systems are designed to keep us from sweating too much, but your sweating ducts could be a serious problem. Yes, air ducts can start to sweat due to changes in temperatures and humidity, and yes, this can be a huge problem.

Homeowners often try to reconcile something wrong as to whether or not it’s normal. While sweating ducts might seem normal, because your AC is on full blast and it’s humid outside, but they’re really not. Sweating ducts can quickly lead to mold growth and more humidity. Basically, this could be a huge signal that your home needs duct repair in Sarasota, FL.

Our team provides comprehensive duct services in the Sarasota area, and we have been since 1970. Let’s get into the details behind sweating ducts, and why your air ducts are more important than ever.

Why Do Ducts Sweat?

Why does anything sweat? Human beings are a different story, but most objects in the world produce moisture through the process of condensation. When the surface temperature is cooler than the air temperature, water molecules will get together and turn into liquid on the object’s surface. This is a process call condensation, and it’s also where we get the term cohesion as well, since the water molecules all band together to form a single droplet of water!

Anyways, your ducts—just like any other object—will gather sweat if you’re dealing with a problem of humidity in your home. Hot air mixed with too much water vapor in the air will quickly cause your ducts to gather moisture when your air conditioner runs.

This can be bad for a variety of reasons. For starters, your ducts are located in the dark recesses of your home where mold can easily grow. Also, moisture can cause structural damage to your air ducts which will cause them to decay over time.

Fixing This Problem—Don’t Sweat It!

Duct repairs are simple. But they’re not so simple that you can do them on your own. Professionals utilize special equipment that’s sized proportionately so that they don’t break your delicate ducts. Remember, any amateur or family friend who tries to repair your ducts could end up injuring them and causing gaps, leaks, and tears in your air ducts. These then cause air to leak out and a huge problem for your HVAC efficiency.

Basically, our duct repairs are fast, effective, and affordable for those reasons. We want your ducts to last without any problems.

Other Duct Issues

Humidity isn’t the only thing to be worried about. As temperatures change from season to season, our ducts expand and contract like crazy. This means your air ducts will start breaking on their own, regardless of the humidity levels of your home.

If you thought that duct repair was only necessary for humidity-related problems, well this is us telling you that it’s not always the case. Your ducts could require repairs from something else. There could even be a critter in them causing all sorts of problems! The only way you’ll know for certain is with the help of a trained professional like the ones on our team.

It’s time to call Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. for proper duct services. Cooling Sarasota and Manatee Counties since 1970.

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