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Heating in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota and the surrounding areas aren’t known for bracing cold weather. We have sun for much of the year, and winters are often mild. This doesn’t mean homes in the area can get past without some kind of heating system. Unfortunately, weather extremes can strike Sarasota, FL, and you’ll be glad you have the help of an experienced heating contractor on those occasions.

Jim McDonald & Sons is a family-owned company that treats customers like family as well. We’ve been in business for almost 50 years because we have earned a reputation as a trusted and respected HVAC contractor in Manatee and Sarasota counties. We offer unwavering customer support and a team of technicians who are courteous and professional at all times. Put simply: you can count on us.

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Our Heating Systems

The most common type of heating system found in homes in the area is the furnace. Our technicians install and service both natural gas furnaces and electric furnaces. Another common type of home heater is the heat pump, which works as both a heater and an air conditioner. Click a system to learn more:

Heating System Installation

When you are considering a new installation of a heating system for your house, the best way to start is to call our service technicians to schedule an appointment. They can help you find what type of heater is ideal for your requirements. They’ll see you have a heater that can deliver the warmth your family needs for comfort without costing an astronomical sum to run. This is a tricky balancing act in Florida weather, but we have decades of experience handling heating installations.

Heating Repair and Maintenance 

A heating contractor does more than match homes with the right type of furnace or handle replacing older heaters. Most of the work a heating contractor does is to repair and maintain systems so they work their best. No homeowner wants an unreliable heating system—or worse, a potentially hazardous one!

When you encounter troubles with your furnace or heat pump, call our service technicians for help. They are responsive and skilled, and they’ll use the best innovative techniques to get the repair job done fast. We also strongly recommend you enroll in our Performance Promise Maintenance Program, which provides annual inspections and tune-ups for your heating system (as well as your air conditioning system). Nothing keeps away future repairs and helps a heater live longer than keeping up with routine maintenance.

Trust Us for All Your Heating Needs in Sarasota, FL

We’re a company you can rely on to ensure you have a home that’s kept cool through the hot and humid summers in Sarasota. And if you’re going to turn to us to keep you comfortable in hot weather, you should also rely on us to help you during cooler weather. It’s always been our goal at Jim McDonald & Sons to create better indoor environments for our clients—no matter the season—by delivering innovative solutions to their continually changing needs. We live by core values of hard work, integrity, responsibility, and honesty.

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