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Water Testing in Sarasota, FL

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What’s in your water? Many homeowners are unsure about their home’s water quality which is why we offer water testing services. We have the technology to inspect your water supply and tell you what kinds of contaminants—both organic and inorganic—are in your water and the next steps to take to rid it of them.

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At McDonald Home Services, we don’t offer water testing services to make an extra buck off of customers—we’re committed to improving our community’s access to water and their ability to drink and use it safely.

Lowering the Temperature, Changing the Standards.


Well Water Testing

Well water testing is a vital service for homeowners that use well water. Since there’s no local government to regulate the testing and filtration of your water, it’s up to you to determine how safe your water is to drink, or how many contaminants are in it. While you’re more than likely in the clear if your well was set up professionally and up to code, it’s always a good idea to invest in testing your well water.

Call our team to schedule an appointment and we’ll be upfront with the cost and demands for this kind of work. Just think about it, in just a couple of hours you could have a complete breakdown of everything that’s in your water supply. You’ll know exactly what direction to head in and what systems to invest in for the purification of your water in Sarasota, FL.

Water Quality Testing

Are you interested in discovering what contaminants could be in your water? Then don’t hesitate to call us for water quality testing today. Our team has the technology and training to evaluate the condition of your water supply and tell you exactly what might need to be done. Anything from a water filter to a water purification system could be your next step on the journey towards clean water in Sarasota!

Keep in mind that this service is affordable and never a bad idea. Before you invest in a more expensive system, why not have your water tested to make sure that something needs to be done in the first place? This is a great place to start.

Water Testing in Sarasota, FL

Water testing in Sarasota, FL isn’t complicated. When you call us, one of our highly skilled technicians will come to your home and use our testing method to evaluate the quality of your water. We’ll then share the results with you and tell you our professional opinion on whether or not it needs to be addressed.

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