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Heat Pumps in Sarasota, FL

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Switching to a heat pump is a great decision. These home comfort systems are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and effective. But the catch is that you need proper professional services to get this level of performance from a heat pump. McDonald Home Services is the team that can provide you with the right service. We pride ourselves on offering quality service at a reasonable price. This price-conscious approach extends past the service itself; we’re also here if you need help with financing for a heat pump. Do it with us—it’s easy with our team.

We like to help our customers throughout the lifetime of their heat pump systems. We have an aggressively priced maintenance program to keep your system running. We also have competitive pricing for system replacements. 

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The Heat Pump Difference

As we mentioned above, heat pumps resemble air conditioners but can also operate as heaters. This is because heat pumps are refrigerant-based comfort systems that can reverse the direction of refrigerant flow. When the refrigerant direction changes, the indoor and outdoor coils swap jobs. In cooling mode, the indoor coil removes heat from the house, and the outdoor coil releases the heat outside. In heating mode, the outdoor coil removes heat from outside and releases it inside.

It’s simple to explain—as are the benefits. Not only does a heat pump installation take care of home comfort for all seasons, it means a significant change in the cost to keep a house warm in winter. For homes without gas power, an electric furnace is an expensive choice for heating because of how much electricity is necessary to heat the air. A heat pump uses electricity not to generate heat, but to move it, and this is 4 to 6 times more energy efficient than an electric furnace.

Sarasota, FL Heating Pump Services

Our team members can provide you with the full range of heat pump services. This includes heat pump installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. We do it all. 

You can trust our team members because we have a long-standing history in Sarasota, FL. We’ve built a name for ourselves in the community because of our company values of hard work, integrity, and honesty. We have a full team of capable professionals who provide quality service every time. Our work speaks for itself!

Heat Pump Replacement in Sarasota, FL

Trust us, we get it: a heat pump replacement isn’t something you’re typically looking forward to. Not only is it a time-consuming process, but it’s also something that can be expensive. We can make sure that your heat pump replacement is fast and cost-effective. This is because we have competitive pricing for heat pump replacement. You can talk to our team members at any time to find out more about our heat pump services. 

Heat Pump Financing in Sarasota

We know you can’t snap your fingers and get the heat pump you want for your home. It takes a considerable amount of money to install a great heat pump. If you need assistance with the financial aspect of this, then McDonald Home Services is ready and willing to help. We have amazing financing options to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. You can contact us today to talk about your financing options with our helpful team members.

F.A.Qs for Heat Pumps

Question: What Costs Go Into a Heat Pump Replacement?

Answer: This is going to be relative to the size of your home, the type of heat pump you’re purchasing, and the status of your ductwork. Centralized heat pumps hook up to your old ductwork so they can send warm or cool air into your home. However, investing in a ductless heat pump might be a better choice if your ducts are in rough shape or if you don’t have ducts at all. Ductless systems are more expensive to install, but the costs even out when you don’t have to pay for air duct services.

Question: How Do I Know When to Replace My Heat Pump?

Answer: Heat pumps can last anywhere from 10-15 years in the best of cases. When you start noticing any of the following, then you’ll know your heat pump has reached its limit.

  • Decreased comfort levels and lukewarm air.

  • Higher energy bills.

  • Frequent repair needs keep cropping up.

Question: What’s the Difference Between an AC and a Heat Pump?

Answer: Heat pumps are air conditioners but air conditioners are not heat pumps. Air conditioners refer to systems that can cool the air using evaporating and condensing refrigerant. A heat pump can do anything that an air conditioner can do with one huge difference—the flow of refrigerant in a heat pump can go in reverse. This means your heat pump can heat your home as well as cool it, becoming a system for the entire year.

If any of these sound familiar, be sure to call us for high quality heat pump repairs that you can count on!


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