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Heat Pumps in Sarasota, FL

One of the most energy-saving and convenient options for home comfort in Sarasota, FL—not just during a single season, but throughout the year—is the heat pump. A heat pump resembles an air conditioner in many ways, and it can provide equal cooling power to an air conditioning system of the same size. A heat pump has another mode, however: heating mode. With a simple adjustment to the thermostat, a heat pump switches over to running as an energy-efficient central heater.

You may already use a heat pump for your house. Or maybe you’re considering a heat pump installation to replace your current AC and furnace combination. Whatever the situation, Jim McDonald & Sons is the local contractor to rely on for service. We have 50 years of history as a trusted name in expertise and responsiveness. Our business is a family, and we treat all our customers like family as well.

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The Heat Pump Difference

As we mentioned above, heat pumps resemble air conditioners but can also operate as heaters. This is because heat pumps are refrigerant-based comfort systems that can reverse the direction of refrigerant flow. When the refrigerant direction changes, the indoor and outdoor coils swap jobs. In cooling mode, the indoor coil removes heat from the house, and the outdoor coil releases the heat outside. In heating mode, the outdoor coil removes heat from outside and releases it inside.

It’s simple to explain—as are the benefits. Not only does a heat pump installation take care of home comfort for all seasons, it means a significant change in the cost to keep a house warm in winter. For homes without gas power, an electric furnace is an expensive choice for heating because of how much electricity is necessary to heat the air. A heat pump uses electricity not to generate heat, but to move it, and this is 4 to 6 times more energy efficient than an electric furnace.

Heat Pump Repair Services

Our technicians do much more than heat pump replacement and installation. They are also experts at heat pump repair. When you notice an issue with your heat pump, such as not changing between modes or losing either heating/cooling capacity, don’t attempt to look into it on your own. Don’t call an amateur "handyperson" to try to fix it either. Let our service technicians put their training to work for your heat pump, no matter the time of year. They offer courteous, professional service you can rely on.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Sarasota, FL

The standard heat pump can usually last for around 15 years before it’s time to schedule a heat pump replacement. But that can drop by half if the system doesn’t have annual maintenance. The regular heat pump maintenance we provide through our Performance Promise Residential Maintenance Program will not only help your comfort system endure for years, it will reduce repair needs and boost energy efficiency. It’s an investment that pays off! Call our team at Jim McDonald & Sons to schedule heat pump service in Sarasota, FL.

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