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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Sarasota, FL

The “V” in “HVAC” stands for “ventilation,” and it’s something that far too many homes lack. Unfortunately, many HVAC contractors ignore it as well, leaving houses with stuffy conditions and pollutant-filled air. Achieving better ventilation may seem impossible in the warm weather of Sarasota, FL, because opening the windows to the outside would allow heat in along with the fresh air. It can cost a fortune to run the AC while trying to enjoy air currents from outside.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Call Jim McDonald & Sons and ask about installations of heat and energy recovery ventilators. These devices bring fresh air indoors without sending cooling (or heating) bills out of control. We’re a trusted local HVAC contractor because of our expertise and responsiveness, and we offer unwavering customer support.

Lowering the temperature, changing the standards. Call us for great home ventilation!

How Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators Work

Also known as ERV and HRV systems, heat and energy recovery ventilators are designed to pull fresh outdoor air into the ventilation system of a home and either pre-heat or pre-cool it with air drawn from inside. The result is fresher, healthier indoor air without the drawbacks of opening the windows to extreme weather conditions.

For example, imagine a hot summer day. An ERV system draws fresh but hot air through an outdoor vent. At the same time, it draws on a current of stale but cooled air from indoors. These two currents pass through each other in the ERV system, and through a process called counterflow heat exchange the hot air cools down as it loses heat to the current of cooled air. The stale air is expelled outdoors, and the fresh air—now pre-cooled—enters the home.

The Benefits of ERV and HRV Systems

Energy and heat recovery ventilators work in all types of weather. If it’s hot outdoors, they’ll cool down the incoming fresh air. If it’s cool outside, they’ll warm it up. They recover around 80% of the energy that would otherwise be lost if the house were opened to the outside. With the right ERV/HRV in place, you can have the fresh air you want without having to put extra pressure on the AC or heater.

An ERV system has an additional benefit—helping to balance humidity. The air currents in an ERV come into contact with each other so that moisture moves between the currents as well as heat. An HRV doesn’t affect humidity, but there are situations where it’s a better choice for a house. Ask our comfort technicians which unit is the best match for you.

Let Us Improve Your Home’s IAQ in Sarasota, FL

When you want better indoor air quality for your household, you needn’t look further than the trusted name in HVAC for Sarasota, FL: Jim McDonald & Sons. Our courteous and professional service technicians will answer all your questions about ventilation and offer the solutions to meet your needs. Along with heat and energy recovery ventilators, we install air filters, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers. Each day we strive to improve the indoor conditions for our clients by providing cutting-edge answers to their continually changing needs.

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