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Furnaces in Sarasota, FL

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A furnace is a solid choice when you need to keep your home warm during our mild winters. No matter if it’s a new furnace installation, a repair, a system replacement, or routine maintenance, it takes an expert to do the work. Be sure to leave all furnace services to the licensed professionals like those on our team.

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At McDonald Home Services, our service technicians are innovative and work hard every day to make us the most respected name in heating services in Sarasota, FL.

Lowering the Temperature, Changing the Standards.


Furnace Installation and Replacement

One of the reasons to always allow trained service technicians to install a furnace is that a furnace can only work as expected if it’s correctly sized for a home. This is true for both gas and electric furnaces. In most cases, you won’t have a difficult time choosing between these two: a gas furnace is usually the right choice for a home that has a gas main, and an electric furnace is a viable choice for an electric-only home.

Electric furnaces have the drawback of costing more to operate because electricity is a more expensive energy source than natural gas. But electric furnaces cost less to install initially and often last longer than gas furnaces. Some homeowners prefer the lower safety hazards of electric furnaces. Gas furnaces, however, are not unsafe if they receive routine maintenance and timely repairs.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Furnaces usually need to have repairs at some point during their service lives. A professional must handle this job. A gas furnace is dangerous to tamper with for anyone who doesn’t have a license, the proper tools, and the extensive training necessary to work with a natural gas appliance. But an electric furnace is also beyond the capabilities of an amateur. If you have a furnace in your house, please let our technicians take care of the repairs. We’ll keep you warm and safe.

We recommend all our customers sign up for our Performance Promise Maintenance Program so their furnace receives quality annual inspections and tune-ups. This will stop most repairs, increase safe operation, and lower utility bills. It’s also the best way to see that a furnace lasts for as many years as possible.

We’re the Sarasota, FL Company for All Your Furnace Services

Much of the work we do at McDonald Home Services during the year is caring for home air conditioning systems so homes stay cool during the Sarasota, FL heat. But we are just as skilled at working on heaters—if we weren’t, we wouldn’t have many years of history and such a reputation as a trustworthy HVAC contractor. Customers know we’ll get the job done right. Our company is a family, and we treat customers like family as well. When you have furnace service needs, rely on our courteous professionals for quality work and a comfortable house.

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