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Water Heaters in Sarasota, FL

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You rely on your home’s water heater to provide you with hot water 24/7. You can’t afford to be without a functioning water heater, not just for your home comfort, but for hygiene and safety as well. Trust the pros at McDonald Home Services for all your water heater needs. We handle it all, from installations to repairs.

  • We provide innovative solutions to everyday problems
  • We know you and your community the best
  • We treat our customers like family

Whether you have a traditional water heater or a tankless model, we service all makes and models. We’re the premier water heater dealer in Sarasota, FL, and our service is based on hard work from a family-owned and operated company.

Lowering the Temperature, Changing the Standards.


Hot Water Heater Installation

Before you invest in a water heater, it’s important to know the types of water heaters we install and the differences between them. Here are a few examples of what to expect with a hot water heater installation:

  • Electric Tank Water Heaters. These systems simply use electricity to heat a tank full of water to be used by your home appliances. It’s inherently safe, is efficient, and can be extremely affordable for a home that requires basic hot water.

  • Gas Tank Water Heaters. Depending on how expensive electricity is, natural gas might be a more efficient and effective option when choosing a fuel source for your tank water heater. These systems can quickly heat your home’s water tank using natural gas burners.

  • On-Demand Water Heaters. On-demand water heaters are powerful superheating systems that don’t require a water tank at all! They use gas burners or electric coils to heat water as it enters your home through the main water line, giving you instant and unlimited hot water for as long as you’d like!

If any of these hot water models sound familiar, then we urge you to purchase an installation from our team. We’ll help get things set up right in your Sarasota, FL home so that you’re comfortable and safe in the future.

Hot Water Heater Replacement

Your water heater might have trouble lasting into its tenth or eleventh year of service, and that’s perfectly normal. Over time, the pipes can begin to corrode, the tank itself can lose it’s heating capacity, and the heating system can wane in efficiency. All of this means you need a hot water heater replacement from a team of specialists like us.

We replace traditional hot water heaters as well as newer models like on-demand systems throughout Sarasota, FL. We won’t leave you hanging, we’ll get you set up with a newer, more efficient system that’s bound to keep you happy.

Hot Water Heater Repair

Need a quick fix on your hot water tanks? No problem! Our team can come to your home quickly to provide you with hot water heater repairs that target the problem at its source. We’ll be open and honest with you when discovering the solution to your issue.

If you’re looking for an extra leg up in terms of savings and efficiency, why not sign up for water heater maintenance? We’ll inspect your system and give you the lowdown of how well its running, how much energy or fuel it’s consuming, and what your next steps should be.


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