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Combat Scorching Temperatures with a Smart Thermostat

Before you spiral into a fantasy with your thermostat turning into a sentient terminator, let us remind you that this is not what we mean by “smart.” Smart thermostats are as smart as your smartphone is, with some select amount of programming that makes your life a lot easier.

Can you imagine what your life would be like without your smartphone? It would be more difficult, you’d probably spend more money trying to get in touch with people, and you’d most likely fall out of line with any recent news or information. A smart thermostat works almost identically, allowing you to save money, curb energy consumption habits, and overall make your life a lot easier when it comes to heating or air conditioning.

So, with blazingly hot temperatures quickly approaching, we thought this would be a perfect time to talk about investing in a smart thermostat in Bradenton, FL.

How Smart Is a Smart Thermostat?

Look, your smart thermostat isn’t going to be able to pay your bills for you or give you recipes to cook for dinner. What it will be able to do is communicate how efficiently and effectively your cooling or heating system is working. Not only that, but it provides some convenience options for working families that make it so that you don’t have to constantly think about what temperature your home is while you aren’t there—you’ll have access to that information all the time.

How exactly do these smart features work? Let’s take a look.

Smart Programming

When we say programming, what we mean is setting up times for your air conditioner to begin functioning or stop functioning automatically. Your smart thermostat can be programmed to turn on a few minutes before you get home from work, or it can automatically start turning off when you leave in the morning.

Do you have trouble with an air conditioner getting too cold while you’re asleep? You can program your smart thermostat to have temperatures rise slightly during the hours you sleep, to lower the cost of your energy bill and keep you comfortable longer.

Curb Trends

Are you fed up with your cooling costs but you don’t know why they’re so high? Well, a smart thermostat is perfect for learning that kind of information. It will list, in precise detail, exactly how much energy is being consumed by your system and when the peak times of day are for the functionality of the system. You’ll be able to know how much energy is being used and when its the most intense, so you can take measures to curb your own energy consumption!

Smart thermostats are a great way to tell if you need air conditioner repair as well since any inefficiencies in the system will be listed, front and center, on the panel of your smart thermostat, so you’ll know exactly when to call our team for help.

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