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How Air Purifiers Can Fight Sick Building Syndrome

Monday, February 27th, 2023

Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome? We’ll call it SBS from now on. It’s a syndrome where occupants of a building (houses, apartments, work places, etc.) start feeling ill, but they don’t know why.

While it’s not easy to pin down, it’s widely believed that air contaminants in a confined space where we’re breathing them in constantly all lend to this sickness.

Really makes you appreciate fresh air, doesn’t it? 

So do we. Beyond simply suggesting air purifiers in Sarasota, FL, we want to explain what they do and how they improve your quality of life.

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The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Air

Monday, September 12th, 2022

One of the biggest reasons why customers come to us for air purifiers in Venice, FL is because of the difference they make. Understanding how air goes from being dirty or contaminated, to being fresh and clean, can be an important factor when making decisions for your home. Depending on the time of year, as well as your family’s allergies and medical history, an air purifier might make a huge difference in how you live your life.

We want to approach two topics in today’s blog. The first will be about the difference between clean air and dirty air. The second part will be about how specifically an air purifier changes that dirty air into clean air. We’ll discuss the science behind air purifiers, while also touching on the way these systems can be paired well with air filtration units too.

Our hope is that you feel confident knowing whether or not an air purifier is right for you after reading this blog.

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What Is UV Radiation, and How Does It Work?

Monday, June 20th, 2022

You’ve probably heard us mention UV air purifiers before, and there’s a good reason for this. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the air quality of your home is an important thing to consider. Viruses, mold spores, and bacteria can linger in the atmosphere after a sneeze or a cough, and unless you’ve got a powerful air purifier to deal with this issue, you’re always going to be at risk for infection.

Luckily, UV air purifiers work perfectly at this job. And, to make things even more interesting, UV air purifiers in Longboat Key, FL use completely natural processes to eliminate contaminants. With just one blog post, we’re hoping to explain how this type of air purifier works, and why it’s just so powerful!

Just remember that at any point, if an air purifier sounds like a good investment for your home, you call our team for the installation of one.

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How Does UV Light Purification Work?

Monday, August 16th, 2021

Throughout the last two years, it’s become clear that air purification is an important aspect of home comfort and safety. Having a system that can accurately and systematically eliminate germs from the air you breathe is a powerful ally to have in your home. That’s why we want to talk a bit more in-depth today about how UV air purifiers work and why they’re so important in the fight against COVID-19, Influenza, the Rhinovirus, and more!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get too complicated to follow. You can put away the college textbooks and just follow along since it’s not as complicated as you might think! UV purification is an incredibly simple process that can keep your air safe and clean while also reducing the number of odors you can detect in your home.

At the end of this blog post, if you’re intrigued or excited about the idea of purchasing an air purifier in Anna Maria, FL, then call us.

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