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How Does UV Light Purification Work?

Throughout the last two years, it’s become clear that air purification is an important aspect of home comfort and safety. Having a system that can accurately and systematically eliminate germs from the air you breathe is a powerful ally to have in your home. That’s why we want to talk a bit more in-depth today about how UV air purifiers work and why they’re so important in the fight against COVID-19, Influenza, the Rhinovirus, and more!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get too complicated to follow. You can put away the college textbooks and just follow along since it’s not as complicated as you might think! UV purification is an incredibly simple process that can keep your air safe and clean while also reducing the number of odors you can detect in your home.

At the end of this blog post, if you’re intrigued or excited about the idea of purchasing an air purifier in Anna Maria, FL, then call us.

The Science Behind UV Light Purification

UV stands for ultraviolet light, which is a type of light that shines at a different frequency than most light we see. It’s similar in frequency to the light that comes from the sun, and it emits low levels of radiation that are pretty much harmless to most creatures on planet earth. However, UV light is extremely harmful towards single-celled organisms like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Here’s how it works.

  1. UV light radiation can permeate the membrane of a single-celled organism, entering the nucleus of the cell.
  2. The light then destroys nucleic acids and disrupts the DNA of the organism.
  3. When the DNA is disrupted, the contaminants become harmless because they can’t perform vital cellular functions like reproduction.

This process is incredible because it happens without any moving parts or energy-intensive systems. It’s just a bulb that emits a short-wave frequency light that does all this in the blink of an eye!

A Mounted Purifier in Your Air Ducts

Before you start wondering about adverse effects, don’t worry. First things first, UV light is harmless when interacting with humans, as long as it’s not for long periods of time. Think about a long day in the sun or taking your time in a tanning booth—all of these are encounters with UV light and you’re usually fine as long as you limit exposure.

Another thing to remember too is that a UV light purifier is mounted in your air ducts, which means you’ll barely notice it there at all! You won’t be in contact with it at all and anytime there’s an issue, you can just have a professional technician deal with it. This ensures you remain safe, secure, and your air is purified without you needing to be there.

Benefits of a UV Air Purifier

UV air purifiers do more than just kill germs. Here are a few additional perks to having this kind of system:

  • They eliminate odors permeating throughout your home.
  • They reduce the build up of mold and mildew by eliminating mold spores as they travel through your ducts.
  • They keep your home environment safe from contaminants that might cause an allergic reaction.

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