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Sometimes our blog posts can be a little frustrating for homeowners. With all the different types of air conditioning systems out there, some people feel confused and annoyed when none of these systems are matching their budget. It’s true, heat pumps and ductless air conditioners are all more expensive cooling machines than central air conditioners. Many people just want their home cooled at the lowest cost possible, by a reliable system.

As much as we love talking about our other systems, it’s true that central AC in Sarasota, FL stands as the most popular and affordable way to give your home proper cooling. Here in Florida, where having a home that’s cooled and comfortable is a necessity, that could be the direction you’re headed.

So, keep reading as we get into the details of how a central air conditioner works, why it’s so popular, and what to keep in mind when looking to invest in one.

How It Works

Central air conditioners work by cycling lines of pressurized refrigerant between two coils. This refrigerant draws in heat when it is in its gaseous form and releases heat when it condenses into liquid form. Thusly, the two coils in a central air conditioning unit are called the “condenser coil” and the “evaporator coil.” Following so far?

The constant process of cycling refrigerant between these two coils means your system is cooling the air around it and releasing heat outside. This also means your system is performing a minor amount of dehumidification as well since moisture also leaves the air when it is cooled. Depending on the size of your air conditioner and the amount of refrigerant inside of it, the cooled air is released into your home’s air ducts where it is distributed to the rest of the house.

Is It Worth It?

Central air conditioners simply work. The process of cooling your air and distributing it through your air ducts is effective and becoming increasingly efficient with each and every year. While it’s true that they don’t function in reverse like a heat pump, and still require air ducts in your home unlike a ductless system, that doesn’t matter for a lot of homeowners. Here are a few questions to keep in mind if you’re considering a central air conditioner:

  • Do you have air ducts? As we mentioned earlier, central AC units require ductwork to distribute the cooled air. If you don’t have air ducts, keep in mind that duct installation services can be expensive and intrusive. Look into a ductless system if you don’t have air ducts.
  • Do you already have a heater? Central air conditioners are just air conditioners, they don’t provide heating like heat pumps do. If you already have a heater for the few chilly days we experience down here in Florida, then you’re all set.
  • Do you have space outside? Central air conditioners depend on an outdoor cabinet. If you don’t have space for the outdoor component, you might not have space for a central AC system.

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