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Is Your Thermostat Reading Correctly?

It can be easy to forget how important a thermostat is. When a problem arises in a heating or cooling system and homeowners are looking for something to blame, usually the culprit is the system itself. Though, sometimes a thermostat can be the source of a problem and that can be good news!

Thermostat fixes and replacements are usually a lot more affordable than air conditioning repair in Bradenton, FL. They’re small components that can easily be fixed by a professional, but it’s important that homeowners make sure to get this issue diagnosed accurately by a professional.

Let’s talk today about what types of problems can come from your thermostat. We’ll also touch on what it could mean if the thermostat is reading incorrectly. Don’t forget to treat your thermostat like the rest of your AC system, and get it the attention it deserves!

Why a Thermostat Reads an Incorrect Temperature

So let’s try and figure out why a thermostat might read an incorrect temperature. If you can tell that it’s too warm in your house and your thermostat is telling you that it’s a different temperature than what you feel, there’s likely a problem.

For starters, check if you left any doors or windows open. This can be the first sign that air is escaping and your thermostat isn’t able to properly measure air that’s insulated in your home. Once this is done, and your thermostat still reads an incorrect temperature, we need to look at the position of the thermostat.

If a thermostat is in a dark, shaded area of your home, but the sun is pouring in through the windows, it’s understandable that your thermostat would read a cooler temperature than how it feels in your home. Thermostats always need to be positioned where air is the most mild in your home, at a central location as well. This could be impacting your home comfort.

Incorrect Thermostats Can Spur Inefficiency

Don’t just let your thermostat show an incorrect temperature. When you change it to compensate and cool your home, it’s going to make your air conditioner run longer. This can spur inefficiency in the system since it’s trying to meet a temperature demand that’s different from what the thermostat is measuring.

Basically, just turning your thermostat “up or down” if it’s reading the wrong temperature is setting yourself up for disaster and higher bills down the line.

Thermostat Upgrades Can Have a Huge Impact

This might be the perfect opportunity to invest in a new thermostat. Smart thermostats can be programmed to run automated cycles of cooling so that your home shaves off any inefficient behavior throughout your daily routine. In the process of replacing your faulty and incorrect thermostat, why not also invest in a system that can make a provable difference to your home comfort?

Also, newer thermostats can be hooked up to Wi-Fi capabilities, which means you can control them from your phone. This gives you the convenience of setting home temperatures while you’re at work or on vacation.

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