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Want Fewer Commercial HVAC Repairs? Read This

When your HVAC system breaks down, it does more than cost you a repair bill–it can cost you valuable business. It’s reported that up to 76% of customers would stop conducting business with a brand after a single bad experience. That’s a wild figure, but it makes sense.

When your AC goes out, do you think customers brush it off, or do they fit in that 76% demographic? You have to maintain your commercial HVAC in Siesta Key, FL to prevent more repair calls throughout the year. This is how you do it.

Maintain a Twice-Yearly Maintenance Schedule

Commercial HVAC systems need more maintenance than residential units. They’re not only running at a higher capacity, but they usually run 24/7 to ensure your business has consistent temperatures.

While it’s great that your business stays comfortable, it’s a lot of wear and tear on your commercial HVAC system. Twice-yearly visits also serve as points of inspection, which gives technicians the ability to observe any weak parts or strain on your system before they turn into full-blown breakdowns.

Keep Your AC Clean at All Times

If you feel comfortable doing it, or you have on-site maintenance that can help, try to clean the coils and flush the drains of your commercial air conditioners. This can help prevent problems related to buildup and air flow issues. Plus, if your air conditioner can’t drain properly, it may freeze up and damage mechanical components. This is done during commercial HVAC maintenance as it is, but a few extra times a year couldn’t hurt its efficiency.

Air Filter Replacement

Airflow is critical to any HVAC system (after all, they are forced air systems). Switching out your air filter every 30 days, especially for commercial-grade systems, is highly recommended. After you see 30 days of dust and debris collection, you’ll know exactly why. When airflow is restricted, your whole system suffers as a result.

Replace Some Parts Early

Your commercialHVAC technician knows when your system is struggling. While your HVAC unit is built tough, when it starts struggling, you can see the mechanical wear and tear play out in real-time. When that part eventually fails, it leads to a breakdown, which may impact other components in the system.

In short, your technician will be able to spot struggles within your HVAC unit and make recommendations based on their findings. You can’t prevent every part from breaking, but if you can avoid some breakdowns and the loss of business that follows, then why not?

HVAC Maintenance Stops Problems Before They Happen

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your system running, your business operating, and avoiding as many disruptions as possible. Plus, there’s the comfort of your staff and yourself that you have to keep in mind.

In a commercial setting, regular twice-yearly maintenance isn’t just a good idea; it’s mission-critical to your bottom line. If you aren’t already scheduling regular maintenance, this is your opportunity.

Contact Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. today to schedule your commercial HVAC maintenance as soon as possible to reap the rewards.

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