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What Type of Commercial AC Is Right for Your Business?

Your business isn’t like other businesses, so why should you have to cool your building down like other businesses do? There’s more than one option at your fingertips, and depending on what type of business you have, some could save you money.

Getting commercial air conditioning in Sarasota, FL doesn’t mean you have to pick the option that another business chose. Let’s walk you through a few different choices so you can find out what works best for your business.

Central Air Conditioning

You likely have central air conditioning at home. Most of America does. This uses ductwork and pushes air from a centralized unit. The air then travels through the ductwork to vents, and pours into the room.

Sounds simple, but in a commercial setting, these can be expensive to operate on a constant basis. They’re the best option for large warehouse-style spaces with high ceilings, because at this scale, it’s a numbers game: how much can you output to cool the large space? You need a lot of power here.

But there are choices for smaller businesses with confined or limited space, and that’s where you can save some money.

Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioning uses different mini splits, or headers, in various areas of your business. These units are attached to the wall, but on the other side, there’s the other half of the unit that’s outside.

These work well for smaller spaces because you can control different zones. If you have four splits, you can set each to different temperatures depending on where they are. Maybe the back room doesn’t need to be as cool as the lobby–you have control over that with a split AC system.

If you’re conscious of your energy spend, split air conditioning is a great middle point between high output and low operational costs. This solution doesn’t work for every business out there, but it has great viability for smaller commercial spaces.

VRF Systems

Not a fan of ductwork? In a commercial setting, it not only gives you more to maintain, but it also increases the time for your initial installation. Ductwork can be a pain. Thankfully, VRF systems don’t use ducts.

But they do connect to multiple indoor units. They run individual refrigerant lines from the outdoor unit to each indoor unit, so it’s not forcing cool air to run–it’s actually bringing refrigerant to the unit to use.

The word variable is thrown into the mix because it can vary the amount of refrigerant that it sends to each indoor unit. That may not sound revolutionary, but it helps with energy efficiency, and the small differences, in this case, matter a lot.

Cool Your Business Your Way

While central AC still reigns supreme as one of the most-used commercial air conditioning types, it’s not the only option you have. Now that you know about VRF systems and split air conditioning, it has you thinking. Question is, which one will you choose?

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