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It’s Time to Get Your HVAC System Maintained

Fall is finally here and it’s time all of our customers had their HVAC systems maintained by a professional. What, were you looking for more information, or at least a longer blog post to sweeten up the deal? Well, we’d be lying if we tried to convince you that we weren’t going to do that anyways.

What do we mean when we say that homeowners need HVAC maintenance in Sarasota, FL? Do we mean air conditioners? Or are we talking about heaters like furnaces or heat pumps? Well, we’re going to paint with broad strokes and talk about everything.

If you missed out on getting maintenance for your central air conditioning system during the spring or summer, now is a great time to get it done. Likewise, for owners of heat pumps or a system that’s going to provide heat like a furnace, you’ll need to get that tuned-up as well! Keep reading to learn more.

Why Maintenance Is Important

Maintenance is vital for your air conditioner, heat pump, or heating system. It’s designed to help improve efficiency, efficacy, and increase the lifespan of the machinery. Here’s a breakdown of each benefit in the hopes that you schedule this service soon to take full advantage of it.

  • Efficiency. It’s estimated that every skipped maintenance visit leads to a 5% increase in your energy bills. This number can compound every year, so you’re basically allowing your HVAC system to start struggling to provide your home with the comfort you desire. Maintenance keeps parts lubricated, replaces small components, and keeps the system running efficiently.
  • Performance. After a few years of skipped maintenance, you might notice a sudden drop in system performance. This can be frustrating, and often there’s not much we can do about it without an expensive component replacement, or whole system replacement early.
  • Longevity. It’s important that you stave off replacement for as long as possible. Maintenance helps ensure that your system works as intended for as long as possible!

Maintenance Should Be Twice a Year for Heat Pumps

When was the last time you got your heat pump maintained? Did you miss an appointment in spring and you’re on the fence about getting maintenance done now? Perhaps it feels like your heat pump is doing fine and you don’t really need maintenance.

For starters, heat pumps require maintenance twice a year no matter what anyone else tells you. These systems run for almost twice as much time as a conventional air conditioner, so they need twice as much care.

Also, skipped maintenance will void the warranty on your system. For something we use so much like a heat pump, these warranties are invaluable and worth the extra cost of maintenance!

Don’t Forget About Your Heater!

While it doesn’t get too chilly here in Sarasota, we still need heaters for those winter nights. Your heater also requires maintenance for all the reasons we mentioned above, as well as an additional one. If you’ve got a gas furnace, it requires maintenance in order to keep operating safely. Maintenance helps avoid a carbon monoxide or gas leak.

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