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The Science Behind Dehumidification

Florida is home to some of the most humid weather our countries sees on a continual basis. We’re a destination for so many people, to enjoy the warm weather and beaches, but little do outsiders know about the serious amount of humidity we have to deal with. At some points living in Sarasota feels like trying to breathe water!

Well, now that we mention it, high humidity does more than just make temperatures more uncomfortable. A dehumidifier in Sarasota, FL is necessary but not many people in our area know why. That’s what we’re here to discuss today.

Let’s talk about the science behind dehumidification, how our dehumidifiers work, and what changing the humidity of your home does to your wellbeing. If you were considering a dehumidifier before reading this post, we bet you’ll feel more confident about your purchase decision once you know the cold hard facts behind such technology.

Why Is It Uncomfortable?

Here’s some fun science—our bodies cool down by having sweat evaporate off of our skin. It’s an amazing process really. When we sweat, our bodies release moisture through our pores that evaporate when met with the dry air around us. This evaporation process actually dries us off and cools us down, which is a unique advantage in the animal kingdom!

However, when temperatures are high and humidity levels rise as well, it can be harder for the sweat on our bodies to evaporate. This means, not only will we feel sticky and uncomfortable, but the temperature inside our homes will feel hotter than it actually is. This undesirable combination is what makes humidity so brutal in our climate.

How Does Dehumidification Work?

Dehumidifiers work similarly to air conditioners with one central difference—they’re not concerned with the temperature set on your thermostat, only with the relative humidity of your home. This can be beneficial when you have an air conditioner and a dehumidifier working together to make your home perfectly comfortable.

Dehumidifiers use various different methods of drawing moisture out of the air, but their main concern is turning the water vapor that exists within your air into liquid water that is then pumped out of your home. By doing this, your home’s humidity level lowers and it becomes easier for the air to remain dry, cool, and comfortable.

The Importance of Dehumidification

Dehumidifiers do more than just keep your home comfortable. They’re responsible for a lot of things that otherwise might make your life miserable. For instance, mold growth can be a huge pain during some of the most humid days of the year. Mold thrives in damp, dark environments, which is exactly what your home is when it’s filled with humidity and is sheltered from the sun. Mold can be harmful for your health and a detriment to your property, so having a dehumidifier to combat the effects of mold is something we highly advise.

Keep your health and home safe by investing in a dehumidifier today. Our team has the necessary qualifications and equipment to install a system that will dry your home off and keep it comfortable.

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