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Is Your Septic Tank Too Full?

When you have a septic tank, you want to stay ahead of it filling up and causing backups in your yard and home. But how do you know if your septic tank is getting too full? Usually there are early signs that can indicate your septic tank is filling up before it overflows.

You can keep reading to learn more about some of the signs that your septic tank is filling up. If you notice any or all of these signs, you need to give our team a call to schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping in Sarasota. It’s better to tackle this problem proactively than to put off service and later need to schedule an emergency appointment.

Slow Drains

If water is draining slowly all across your home, that’s a red flag of your septic tank filling up. When your septic tank gets too full, it may begin to back up into drains around your home, which is a problem you definitely don’t want to deal with. 

Noticing a single slow drain usually points to a drain clog since the incident is isolated. But slow drains all across your house indicate a larger problem. Keep in mind that slow drains can include sinks, bathtubs, and even your toilets. 

Unusual Sounds

Before water backs up and creates slow draining, you might hear gurgling sounds around your home. These sounds will come from the drains and are usually one of the earlier signs of a septic tank filling up. If gurgling is close enough to your drains for you to hear, it’s time for septic tank service. Gurgling is air escaping from your septic tank as the water reaches higher levels. 

Standing Water

It’s also common for septic tanks to overflow into your yard as they are getting too full. You may notice that there are puddles around your yard without an explanation. For example, you have not watered your yard recently and it hasn’t rained, yet there is evidence of water.

This can be bad for children and pets that play outside since your septic tank is full of waste. If you notice puddles in your yard, encourage your kids and pets to stay inside, or keep them away from the area where your septic tank is beginning to fill up too high and overflow.

Time Since Last Pump

Even if you aren’t noticing any signs that indicate your septic tank is getting too full, time is also a factor. Experts estimate that you should pump your septic tank once every three to five years. This range can vary from family to family based on water use. 

As you get into that three to five year range, it’s time to begin planning ahead for pumping your septic tank. Ideally, you want schedule the service before it is absolutely necessary so that you prevent the tank from overflowing or backing up into your home.

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