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Choosing the Right AC System

What is “the right AC system” anyways? That’s like saying you’re going to choose the right “color” for your bedroom walls or the right style of carpet. There are no right or wrongs when it comes to this kind of thing, right?

Well, kind of. We’d say that there are definitely wrong air conditioners. AC systems that run inefficiently or that don’t maximize your comfort levels are probably wrongly suited for your home. Likewise, an air conditioner that keeps you comfortable and causes your energy bills to be lower is probably better than one that doesn’t, don’t you agree?

Luckily, there are different types of air conditioners that achieve these goals. When it comes to AC installation in Sarasota, FL, it’s a good idea to work with the professionals and ensure you get set up with an AC that makes you happy.

What Options Are Out There?

We’re glad you asked! There are three major air conditioning types that we’d like to talk about today. Down below we’ll talk about the pros and cons of each one and figure out which is perfect for your home!

Heat Pumps

There’s a technological revolution happening in the HVAC industry, and you’ve joined just in time to see it happen! We’re developing new ways every day to remove heat from our homes and pump in fresh, cool air. Heat pumps work the same way that other, more conventional air conditioners function with one major difference. They can run in reverse.

This means a heat pump can cool your home like a central air conditioner, and then heat your home during the winter like a heater. Isn’t that incredible? By moving heat out of your home using refrigerant, the heat pump can run the refrigerant in the opposite direction, drawing heat from the outside and dispersing it indoors. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose cooling system that will give you comfort for every season of the year, invest in a heat pump!

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits are a simple concept. They’re heat pumps, which means they can heat and cool your home throughout the year. Heat pumps require the use of your air ducts like a central air conditioner does, while ductless mini splits don’t need ducts at all!

By skipping this step, a ductless mini split can avoid the problems that come with air ducts. From the hassle of repairing and cleaning air ducts, to needing them installed in the first place, a ductless mini split keeps your home cool and comfortable without anything other than some air handlers spread throughout the rooms of your home.

Central Air Conditioning

Why would you even consider a central air conditioner after we’ve mentioned these state-of-the-art AC systems? Well, for starters, central AC systems are the gold standard of air conditioning. They’re reliable, more affordable than heat pumps, and they’re as efficient as ever these days. Sometimes, all you want is just a system that will keep your home cool during our long Florida summers, and that’s it. If that’s what you want, get a central AC system today.

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