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Think Ahead with AC Maintenance Now

We know, it’s the middle of January and you’re probably busy dealing with a faulty heater than you are with your air conditioner. However, we want to take this moment to talk about the benefits that you could receive from scheduling maintenance on your AC while you’re not using it.

It would be different if your air conditioner was surrounded by a few feet of ice and snow, but down here in Florida, it’s a different story. HVAC in Venice, FL can be easier to perform during the winter because we have such a mild wintertime climate. Your air conditioner has probably only experienced wind, rain, and some temperatures that never exceeded freezing.

So, receiving maintenance now means there’s plenty of space and time for a specialist to take an intricate look at your system, to inspect it for any problems that might become front and center this summer.

The Benefits of Maintenance Now

We get it, you don’t necessarily need the function of your air conditioner now. That makes it an especially perfect time for air conditioner maintenance because a trained professional can take as much time as they want to inspect your machine for any problems, lubricate ball bearings, and make any tweaks that might be necessary for it to function well in the summer.

In order for maintenance to be performed, your air conditioner has to be shut off. That makes our mild winter and springtime perfect for AC maintenance. If you’re still wondering what specifically can come from a maintenance appointment, let us give you a few examples.

  • Reduce the frequency of repairs. If there’s one thing we’d like to avoid, it’s having to constantly repair your system in the summer when temperatures are absolutely unbearable. Maintenance is proven to decrease the frequency of repairs and reduce the number of emergency HVAC calls.
  • Lower your energy bills. Quality maintenance increases the efficiency of your air conditioner. That means it takes less energy to do the same amount of cooling during the hottest months of the summer. Whatever you can do to make the job easier on your AC, the less money you’re going to have to pay in the long run.
  • Extend the lifespan. Nothing feels worse than taking your AC out of retirement to work again during the hottest months of the summer, only to have it falling apart way before you thought it would. Maintenance is a great way to extend the lifespan of your system and warn you way ahead of time when a risk for breakdown is approaching.
  • Don’t void warranties. AC manufacturers often tie in regular maintenance with their warranties, which we know are incredibly important to saving money. If you neglect maintenance for a year, you might be voiding your warranty, which won’t feel very good when repairs spring up.

At least now you know that we weren’t joking about AC maintenance in the winter or spring. It’s generally a smart idea, allowing you to notice any problems way ahead of time and plan out the life of your AC as it pertains to your budget!

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