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What Makes an HVAC Technician Worth the Price?

So, you’ve read a few of our blog posts and seen our website. We’re definitely a dependable source for everything that has to do with air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and anything else in the HVAC world. We’re professionals just like the person you normally call to work on your HVAC problems, right?

Well, not necessarily. Every professional technician is going to be different. Some are more reliable, more certified, and offer more value than others. We want to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your professional HVAC technician, even if it’s not us.

So, buckle up. If you’re in the mood to really split hairs when it comes to HVAC in Bradenton, FL, then keep reading! We promise we’ll give you the most important reasons why we’re probably the best team in the area by a longshot.

Core Values and a Company

What are core values? Not every homeowner might be aware of the concept of a core value, but they’re basically the reason why a company does what it does. We know that every company has a base motive of making profit, but is that the only reason? Well, for some companies it is.

With companies like ours that have core values, it’s a lot more complicated than just making money. Our values like integrity, hard work, trust, and family, mean that we’re in this business for more than just money. We care about the work we perform, about the customers we help, and about the systems we service. Community, integrity, and the neighbors around us are more important than the money we make from this business—which means we always have your well-being and satisfaction in mind. You might not be able to say the same thing about other companies in the area.

24/7 Emergency Service

This perk just speaks for itself. What’s the point of working with a professional if they’re not around when you need them? It’s stressful encountering a heater or air conditioner problem as is, but if you’re left in the dark until next Monday while your normal repair-person is on vacation, then you’re not going to feel much better. Our team is available 24/7 to take your call and help you, so you might find it more stress-relieving to work with us!

Discounts, Promotions, Priorities

Every professional HVAC business offers a set of promotions, discounts, and priority services that comes with their membership. If they don’t, then run away from them as fast as you can!

Our maintenance program is a thorough answer to your HVAC woes. We provide comprehensive yearly check-ups on your system while also granting you a 10% discount on repairs, priority customer status, energy efficiency reports, and much more. Seriously, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, choose us.

Local Counts

We’re local. We don’t need to prove to anyone or any competitor in this area that we care—you can call us and see for yourself. We love this area and have been in Bradenton for 50 years. We’re tied to this community, tied to our work, and hopefully, we can form a strong relationship with you as well!

Call Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. for the comprehensive care you deserve.

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