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How Do Air Purifiers Actually Help Your Home?


Air purifiers have come a long way in how they improve your quality of life, but it’s not just enough to mention QOL. It’s important to know exactly how that’s impacted and what you stand to gain from installing an air purifier in Longboat Key, FL.

These are some benefits of air purifiers and how they impact your day-to-day life in your home. While no system is perfect, modern air purifiers do an exceptional job at making your air healthier than ever before.

Helps You Avoid Sick Building Syndrome

According to the National Library of Medicine, sick building syndrome (SBS) is described as a “Building-related disease, when the symptoms of diagnosable illness are identified and attributed directly to airborne building contaminants.”

Air purifiers help you reduce airborne contaminants and pollutants. While a tightly-sealed home is great for your energy efficiency, it may also help harbor contaminants related to SBS.

With an air purification system, these contaminants are pulled from the air and either trapped in a filter, or killed with UV lights if you opt for an air scrubber system.

Relieves Asthma Symptoms in Children and Adults

Asthma is an inflammatory reaction in your lungs. It’s not pleasant, and asthma attacks can be extremely serious or life-threatening. Of course, if this section speaks to you, we’re preaching to the choir.

Symptoms of asthma can be reduced greatly with air purification. Pulling dust, dander, dirt, and debris from the air reduces the number of particles that could irritate asthmatic lungs.

While there is a lot of overlap with asthma and everyone has their own triggers, we can all agree that cleaner air and less contaminants are a quality of life improvement for anyone with asthma symptoms.

Removes Unpleasant Smells From the Air

Odors are caused by volatile chemical compounds (COVs), which mostly stem from bacteria. With air purification, those particles get trapped in your filter or killed-off with UV light from air scrubbers.

While an air purifier won’t completely remove all bad odors in your home, it will take care of additional bacteria it creates and make the air you breathe much more pleasant.

May Help You Sleep Better

Airborne chemicals and illnesses lead to coughing, runny noses, and general irritation. When’s the last time you had sound sleep when you were sick?

Sleep is different from person to person, but generally, reducing VOCs leads to less irritation, and less irritation leads to better sleep.

By lowering the chance of being introduced to bacteria that can make you sick in the first place, and reducing irritants that may make it harder for you to sleep if you’re already sick, air purifiers help on all fronts.

Improve Your Air Quality Today

Whether it’s the smoke rising from a burnt batch of bacon in your kitchen, or inhaling irritating allergens day in and day out, air purifiers stand to improve your quality of life every way you look at it. Avoid SBS, inhale less pollutants throughout every day, and give yourself the healthy air you deserve to breathe.

Contact us today to install an air purification system and improve your family’s air quality as soon as possible.

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