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It’s Time to Filter Your Air

Contaminants didn’t use to be such a bad problem for our indoor air, believe it or not. Back in the day, homes were drafty and a strong outside wind could blow through your home and push contaminants like dust and dirt out. While that sounds like a good thing, it would make heating and air conditioning an absolute nightmare.

Today, we’re much more efficient with our HVAC solutions. We seal our homes up tightly so that cooled or heated air stays indoors where you can remain comfortable without using as much energy. This means your air is more contaminated than it used to be, and dust or dirt has nowhere to go but to stay inside.

Air filters in Sarasota, FL are the solution you might be looking for. If your indoor air quality has been poor, then an air filter can help keep those contaminants from becoming a problem. Let’s talk about how an air filtration system works and whether it’s right for your home.

What Does an Air Filter Do?

An air filtration system is much different than the air filter in your air conditioner or heater. For one thing, those filters are selfishly meant to protect the interior components of your air conditioner or heater, not you. While they might also protect you from contaminants, they’re not necessarily very good at it.

Air filtration systems are meant to filter the air that you breathe, specifically to help you. If you’ve been coughing or sneezing from dust or other allergens in the air, an air filter is specifically designed to help you breathe easier. So, it might be time to think about this type of indoor air quality solution.

How Does It Work?

An air filter is mounted in your air ducts. It’s made of microfibers that are built to trap any indoor contaminants that might be in your air. These can be things like dust, dirt, debris, pet dander, hair, and anything else that might be causing you distress. This can make a huge difference since those contaminants would normally be cycled through your air over and over again. Air filters are the only successful way to thoroughly remove contaminants in your air.

Air filters can also end that “stuffy” feeling in your air, while making your home seem odor-free as well. Odors are actually caused by particles in the air that are picked up by your nose. Those particles smell bad and they can only really be picked out of the air with an air filter or air purification system. Depending on the size of your air filter, many of these types of microbial contaminants that contribute to bad odors can be filtered out!

Call the Pros

An air filter should never be installed by an amateur. These systems are made of materials that can only be handled by trained professionals. When the breathability of your indoor air is on the line, why would you risk it with a faulty installation? Call our team for professional air filtration system installation today!

The team at Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. can set you up with the right indoor air quality machine. Call us today! Cooling Sarasota and Manatee Counties since 1970.

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