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Your Heat Pumps Mode-Switching Problem, Explained

Your heat pump has a fair few working parts moving all at the same time. Eventually, something’s going to go wrong, but it’s perplexing when you know the machine is running just fine–it just won’t switch from cooling to heating, or vice versa.

While it’s frustrating, it’s thankfully a common problem with some easy fixes you can try yourself. We’ve seen a lot of heat pump repair in Sarasota, FL over the years, so let’s share what we know so you can get your heat pump moving again.

Swap Out Those Air Filters

Your air filter is critical when it comes to any HVAC system that uses forced air. Your heat pump needs warm air to pull over the condenser coil, otherwise it doesn’t transform the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas, and back again.

So if you can’t switch from heating to cooling, that could be the culprit. Because your heat pump’s primary function relies on forced air, it can also be the cause if you’re trying to switch from cooling to heating as well.

Your air filters should be changed out once every 30-90 days, and we often find that the former is the best choice. If you aren’t sure whether or not your filter is truly dirty enough to change out in just 30 days, grab a new filter and just put it next to the current filter in your heat pump. You’ll be able to see the difference, and keep in mind, debris lowers airflow and can interrupt your system’s functionality.

The Solenoid Might Be Your Problem

There’s a solenoid that handles the physical switch from one mode to the other–it’s not just a setting. This piece of hardware endures more than you might think, and they’re unfortunately prone to break or get jammed somehow often.

Thankfully, if you do need to replace a solenoid, it’s one of the cheaper repairs you’ll run into with your heat pump. It’s not like you’re replacing a cooling line or a blower motor–it’s pretty straightforward.

It Could Be a Thermostat Issue

If your thermostat is either miscalibrated, dirty (dust on the wires), or it’s wireless and low on batteries, it may be malfunctioning. Your thermostat is what gauges the current temperature of the room. It just tells your heat pump whether it needs to turn on or off, but that’s it. So when the thermostat isn’t reading the room properly (or not at all), your heat pump looks like it’s not working even though the machine is completely fine.

Let’s Fix That Heat Pump Today

Your heat pump isn’t looking too hot right now, but we can get it back in ship shape before long. While it’s frustrating to have to deal with a faulty heat pump, we can make the entire process a lot easier. Call us today or fill out our contact form to get started, and we’ll reach out as soon as possible to help you out.

Contact us today to schedule your heat pump repair as soon as possible.

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